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Digital Identity’s Viral Moment

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the full breadth of the global economy, causing an estimated 3% contraction in the global economy, according to

The Grey Morality of Stolen Data

US law enforcement has a long history of attempting to gain greater insight into the digital world and its data. On the legislative front, the

Apple’s Passport to the Private Sector

Earlier this month, Apple registered several patent claims regarding “verified claims of identity.” The patents detailed multiple methods of recording, transmitting, and verifying identity through numerous different instances of devices, including the iPhone.

Section 230: Publisher or Distributor?

Ahead of our KNOW Identity Summer Government Digital Forum, the OWI team focused in on Section 230, a recent hot-button government topic. Section 230 isn’t

China’s Data Privacy Balancing Act

The New York Times announced last week that China is implementing a mass DNA collection project in order to create a large-scale database that genetically