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OWI Labs op-ed: China’s tech titans spread wings as regulators bare teeth

In OWI's analyst op-ed series, the OWI Labs team breaks down the latest news with an inside look at the identity industry dynamics we're...

OPINION: NSA hack is privacy wake-up call

The latest and most damaging cache of NSA materials stolen by anonymous hacking group Shadow Brokers, involving agency-grade cyber weapons potentially affecting millions of computers, should serve as a wake-up call to consumers regarding data privacy.

OPINION: Onfido’s RegTech Principles for Innovation

We live in a digital world. More human interactions are happening online every day, connecting us remotely to new people, new places, new opportunities. It’s an exciting time, but one in which new risks and challenges also arise.

OPINION: Moving Physical Access Control to the Cloud

About the Author: Joel Rader, a senior solutions architect at Radiant Logic, is an identity, credentialing, and access management professional with over ten years...