OWI Case Study

‘Golden Cog’ Product Growth in Mobile & Device Intelligence

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The Challenge:

How can mobile intelligence players gain competitive traction and grow market share by expanding into high-value digital identity solution segments?


A global mobile intelligence and verification provider has solidified a foothold in a segment with notable barriers to entry. Based on the partnerships it has established with global Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), the organization has created a competitive advantage by offering unique data sets and geographic coverage beyond standard number porting offered through SIM swaps. To gain additional market share, the mobile identity company wanted to expand its products to include a more comprehensive digital identity solution suite. As digital identity service providers begin to leverage alternative data, including network-level data and device-level data, our client sought to create highly verified credentials anchored in device and number intelligence for passive proofing and identity verification. 


OWI was engaged in providing the client’s Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team with a comprehensive current state assessment of its relative position in the mobile identity and device intelligence space and strategic recommendations to capture additional market share.

The Action

OWI took a multi-prong approach to analyze the client’s competitive positioning within its core operating segment, including:

  • Assessment of addressable markets and their respective attractiveness criteria to benchmark the client’s current future ability to compete in these markets
  • Voice of the Customer insights to establish customer sentiment, areas of opportunity, and performance expectations
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis against current product offerings in-market and existing areas for product differentiation
  • Analysis of the client’s brand positioning versus similar market players
  • Profiles of relevant buyer personas with accompanying user journeys that capture expectations during the decision-making process




Using OWI’s proprietary digital identity landscape framework, our team evaluated “Golden Cog” opportunities responsible for creating foundational data elements and attributes that influence adjacent digital identity solution segments. As a result of our analysis, we provided our client with strategic guidance on establishing verifiable credentials and data attributes that can be expanded into high-value solutions, including authentication, Identity as a Service (IDaaS), and Fraud Prevention & Risk Management. 

The Outcome

As a result of our engagement, we continued working with our client’s Executive Team to develop a product roadmap to create highly verified credentials anchored in device and number intelligence. To bolster thought leadership in mobile identity and device intelligence, we also co-branded two highly targeted research products as part of our client’s strategic outreach to service providers and mobile network operators (MNOs).  As our client continues to implement new product roadmaps and develop additional partnerships, they’ve garnered extra traction in six new industry verticals with strong demand for mobile data, including Financial Services, e-Commerce, and the Sharing Economy. 

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