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Identity Market Amplification

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With the rapid introduction of advanced technologies in the digital identity ecosystem, one challenge has been differentiating between nuanced solutions, including biometrics and behavioral biometrics. A leading behavioral biometrics company wanted to develop a widely adopted, educational white paper and offer explicit definitions, an array of use cases for behavioral biometric solutions, and company profiles of other solutions providers in the space.

The Action

OWI was engaged to co-brand this research initiative and support marketing for mass distribution. Our client and the OWI team worked in tandem to develop:


  • A 30-page white paper detailing the core challenges of digital identity, predictive identity, use cases, proofs of concept, and predictions of future market trends
  • 9 company profiles of predictive identity companies which included product overviews, key competitive differentiators, and current state product briefs

The Outcome

We published a seminal research report on predictive identity solutions, including behavioral biometrics and social mapping technologies. By leveraging the OWI network to conduct primary-source research, our client was able to foster new relationships with identity experts across an array of sectors. Industry experts and peer reviewers have expressed admiration for OWI’s research report.

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