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Capital One offers disposable, tokenized credit card numbers via intelligent chatbot

March 12, 2018

In a bid to reduce credit card fraud and theft on the web, Capital One this week announced a new service that will allow customers to create a unique virtual credit card number via Eno, its intelligent personal assistant.

Eno can be accessed via a browser plugin, or by texting 227-663. The official launch for virtual credit card numbers via Eno comes after months of pilot testing, according to TechCrunch.

By using a tokenized number in place of the actual credit card number, Capital One’s system offers enhanced security and convenience. Virtual card numbers can be created and saved for each website, and stored within a browser plugin.

Creating a random, usable credit card number for each site could stem the effects of data breaches via online retailers, allowing customers to continue to use their card and simply deactivating the affected merchant-specific number.

Tokenization to replace the use of credit card numbers is not new, but distributing it via a chatbot personal assistant is a new twist on the technology.

The Eno system will even take existing tokenized credit card numbers and tie them to a new card, in the event that the user has their physical card replaced. The plugin is available for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.