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Campbell’s Soup invests $32M in startup that tailors meals to your DNA

November 23, 2016

Iconic American soup maker Campbell’s is looking to the future with a recent investment, putting money behind a startup that tailors its meals to customers’ nutritional needs, acquired through a scan of their DNA.

By identifying a customer’s genetic strengths and weaknesses, Habit claims it can personally tailor recommended nutrition for those willing to share information via an at-home test kit. It analyzes the customer’s DNA, blood, body metrics and more.

With personalized “coaches” that have access to an individual’s personal health data, Habit aims to help users lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Of course, the key component is a meal delivery service that will modify food based on the nutrition needed for a specific customer.
Rather than crash diets or fads, Habit is pushing a science-based approach to nutrition, and Campbell’s Soup has bought in on its pitch, to the tune of $32 million. The longstanding brand and publicly traded company, which has existed for 147 years, is said to be the sole investor in Habit.

Though Habit is hyping its tech and approach, the company won’t launch until 2017, and interested customers are invited to join a waitlist at the official site.

For Habit CEO and founder Neil Grimmer, the proof in his product is said to be personal: He lost 25 pounds in six months, his blood work showed healthy ranges, and he felt like he had more energy after adopting a tailored diet.

“I had been transformed, but it wasn’t some magic cure or quack diet,” Grimmer said. “It was via a highly personalized method that made sense, with food at the center and my body and science as the guides.”