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Harnessing portable and ubiquitous digital identity solutions on the shoulders of giants

Big tech has built the digital world as we know it, designing the platforms and solutions that power our everyday lives. As big tech players transform transaction engines into memorable and trusted customer experiences, the identity layer underpins their effectiveness to serve their audiences at scale. With great power comes great responsibility. Today, tech platforms continue to grapple with balancing privacy by design, content moderation, regulatory compliance, and seamless user onboarding.


Our team of industry experts have built resumes at some of the most well-known technology firms to create interoperable identity infrastructure equipped for the realities of the modern world. At OWI, we’re working with leading companies to create next-gen technologies that are practical, safe, and trusted for real-world application. 

At OWI, we’re working with leading companies to create next-gen technologies that are practical, safe, and trusted for real-world application.

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Digital Identity Wallet Pilot for Smart Cities

As the digital economy matures and citizen priorities are evolving, how can modern-day cities rethink their digital identity strategy to promote privacy-preserving infrastructure and services?

An urban innovation company focused on improving city life was developing and incubating technologies to address civic issues, including the cost of living, efficient transportation, and energy usage in smart cities. Today, many city governments lack interoperable access systems and public-private partnerships to collaborate on data-sharing practices. Our client had recently received approval to accelerate the build and launch of a digital identity wallet integrated with smart city digital infrastructure. Requiring a proof-of-concept, the urban innovation hub engaged OWI to design a future-forward digital identity product strategy that could enable residents and visitors of smart cities to access goods and services safely and securely.

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Digital Identity’s Viral Moment

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the full breadth of the global economy, causing an estimated 3% contraction in the global economy, according to

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