A double-click on the ‘Identity Lifecycle’

One World Identity aims to deliver high-quality news, media, events, research and thought leadership covering all aspects of identity and the identity industry. We intend to reach all audiences, from identity industry professionals seeking in-depth analysis, to a consumer with questions about how biometrics may impact her life next year. With such a broad audience, we have had to re-think how to deliver content that is accessible to the novice, but with enough depth to satisfy industry insiders.

The OWI Identity Lifecycle was inspired by these unique demands and seeks to make identity a tangible topic for all. Shifting the focus away from industry verticals to a unified view grants us a better vantage point for both spotting trends and drawing meaningful connections.

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Verifying the Next Billion Users

Today, when we think about the verifying the identities of the next billion users… we think about how we can use our existing KYC programs and CIP requirements for people living in remote areas of the world. This mindset is not only shortsighted, but also ignores many people who do not fall under the traditional next billion users demographic. Realizing the role identity plays in the lives of billions of people and understanding what challenges exist within the industry, will help build a more inclusive world.

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