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Announcing OWI’s ‘State of Identity’ podcast: Your source for in-depth identity news and analysis

December 13, 2016

The very concept of who you are — in both a digital sense and a real-world way — is at a crossroads that will define society for decades to come. As we navigate through this decisive moment, One World Identity’s official podcast, State of Identity, is here to bring you up to speed with some of the biggest names and influencers in the industry, delving into the latest news and providing cutting edge analysis.

State of Identity is a weekly, 15-minute dose of discussion on the present and future technologies, companies, people and paradigms that define who we are in the modern world — and how that very same world also defines us.

With each new episode, State of Identity aims to expose a different way in which identity shapes our lives.

Whether it’s accessing your Gmail account, financial applications, traveling abroad, visiting a doctor, sharing on Facebook, gaming online, hailing an Uber, or logging into your work computer, all of these common activities are controlled, at least in part, through your identity. And the role of identity in these key services will only continue to grow as technology improves, giving customers and citizens new conveniences, as well as new concerns.

State of Identity will dedicate each episode to a different industry or identity use case, bringing together the leading minds from across these fields to discuss present and future developments, as well as their impact.

Some of the topics we’ll delve into in our first episodes include:

  • The history of identity
  • Finance
  • Government and defense
  • Trust networks and Blockchain
  • Social and digital identity
  • Healthcare
  • Online gaming
  • Identity as a service
  • The sharing economy

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