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To make sense of an industry landscape dominated by platforms and enablers, we analyze how companies, products, and global laws and regulations interact with and influence markets and product roadmaps.

Whatever your business’ goal may be – from our team of experts deliver the tools for you to deeply understand consumer behavior, needs, potential for growth or anticipate risks.


What sets us apart is our unique proprietary market intelligence platform, which helps monitor thousands of companies building or leveraging digital identity

Market Segment Analysis

OWI determines which global geographies pose the most attractive return on investment, so you can decide whether to enter, exit, or reposition across your target markets.

Vendor Assessment & Selection

OWI tackles the build versus buy decision, establishing competitive inroads and selecting specialist providers that satisfy your organization’s business requirements and operational objectives. 

Peer Benchmarking and Product Intelligence

OWI offers actionable insights that you need to preempt the competition, respond to market threats, and tailor your products and services to the customers who need them most.

What sets us apart is our unique proprietary market intelligence platform, which helps monitor thousands of companies building or leveraging digital identity

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Public-Private Trust Network Expands Consumer Reach

How do digital identity service providers continue to educate the world on identity challenges and accompanying technological solutions to promote customer adoption?


An international digital identity trust network has garnered national traction as a verification and authentication provider to consumers who are connecting to critical online financial and government services. Although the organization’s technology has been adopted through formal public-private partnerships, a lack of general education surrounding digital identity solutions continues to be a persistent barrier to customer adoption. Evolving concerns surrounding privacy and the security of sensitive personal information also impedes participation in identity ecosystems, both for consumers and service providers alike. As the trust network was planning to launch its product and program across a series of new industry verticals, the Executive Team required a more comprehensive understanding of market economics. OWI was engaged in assessing the trust network’s privacy-preserving technologies, articulating the organization’s value proposition against its competitors, and demonstrating industry-specific use cases where verification technology can reduce costs and generate revenue. 

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Earlier this month, Apple registered several patent claims regarding “verified claims of identity.” The patents detailed multiple methods of recording, transmitting, and verifying identity through numerous different instances of devices, including the iPhone.

2019 Identity Industry Landscape

Each year, OWI designs an Identity Landscape, providing a comprehensive and holistic view of leaders in the identity space. As the identity industry rapidly develops,

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