Identity is central to everything

From people to things – identity has the power to enable accessibility and security for all.


The Problem

In the past, identity solutions have been built in silos, focusing on solving specific vs. foundational problems. As the world shifts from physical to digital, new identity solutions are needed.

OWI Helps Solve This Problem

We enable change in the identity industry by facilitating shared language, promote cross-sector collaboration, and connect the next wave of innovators to experts and resources that allow them to build the next breakthrough in the industry.

Simply Put…

we help changemakers, innovators, business leaders, and investors stay ahead of market trends so they can build sustainable, forward-looking identity products and strategies.

Our Guiding Ideas

All Problems Have Solutions

We seek out problems that people say are impossible to solve. Then solve them.

Complex < Simple

A simple solution will beat almost any complex problem

Build Things to Change the World

Because why wouldn’t you?