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AARP joins with to help seniors with online banking, government, retail services

June 21, 2017

Senior advocacy organization AARP has partnered with OWI Trailblazer award recipient to create single sign-on capabilities for government, banking and retail, making it easier for users over the age of 50 to access online services.

The new AARP ID program, announced as part of the 2017 Cloud Identity Summit in Chicago, is scheduled to launch in early 2018 for both AARP members and non-members. It will provide a form of identification that the organization says will replace weak or overused passwords, helping to protect accounts and data from being stolen.

AARP ID, like other online single sign-on services, will also give users more granular control over who has access to their data, allowing users to revoke credentials for apps or services at any time.

“Our members and people everywhere are forced to manage ‘mini mes’ of single purpose identities. No one actually lives like that,” Jim Barnett, senior strategic advisor with AARP said at CIS 2017, where One World Identity is in attendance. “We want them to live their lives online very much like in the physical world, to move from one thing to another seamlessly.”

AARP envisions the program allowing users to open bank accounts, view medical records, receive offers and discounts from online retailers, and to securely access government benefits and services from federal and state agencies.

The new identification service will be built in collaboration with, one of only four certified identity platforms in the U.S. The company’s Identity Gateway allows individuals to verify their identity on the internet to access services like government benefits, healthcare, and banking. was awarded with the Trailblazer award at One World Idenity’s first-annual K(NO)W Identity Conference in May. It was recognized for creating federated identity verification solutions that increase access to online services and benefits without sacrificing security.

As AARP and gear up for an early 2018 launch, retailers, financial institutions, healthcare providers and other organizations interested in participating can find more information on the site.

“AARP is one of the most trusted brands in the world,” so I don’t think there will be a shortage of folks,” Blake Hall, CEO and founder of, said at CIS 2017 this week.

With some 38 million members, AARP helps people connect to more than 150 different offers and services. Barnett said any given AARP member may inhabit 6 or 7 different identities, including as a working professional, a caregiver, a family member, and more.

AARP hopes its new ID program will allow users to live their lives online much like they do in the physical world, moving from one identity to another seamlessly.

“AARP identity gateway is an absolute imperative,” Barnet said. “Our members have lived longer than a lot of other people and have a lot of data and digital exhaust to manage.”

One World Identity’s Dasha Cherepennikova contributed to this report.