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2nd annual Financial Inclusion Week reminds organizations to keep clients first – One World Identity

October 17, 2016

Monday marks the start of the second annual Financial Inclusion Week, bringing attention to the security of clients who may be new to the financial ecosystem in the digital age. To celebrate, groups from around the globe are hosting events to discuss this year’s theme: keeping clients first in a digital world.

Financial Inclusion Week runs Oct. 17 through 21 and is organized by the Center for Financial Inclusion and the nonprofit Accion International. A series of global events, including publicly viewable webinars, are available to view on the official website.

Participants in Financial Inclusion Week are asked to host a multi-stakeholder conversation covering this year’s clients-first theme. Last year, 34 partner organizations involved more than 700 people worldwide to talk about barriers to global financial inclusion. Parties interested in participating this year can register online.


Image credit: FI 2020.

Those who may not be able to host an event can also do their part by visiting with clients, to hear their needs for digital financial services directly. Client quotes and photos can be submitted to Sonja Kelly at to be shared on the Financial Inclusion Week website.

Finally, with the hashtag #finclusionweek, participants can share their thoughts on how to keep clients first in a digital world. Global organizations have been sharing their stories, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which is promoting the inclusion of young people in Croatia’s labor market, while nonprofit organization Orb published new research on financial inclusion in Cambodia, Myanmar, Brazil, and the U.S.