One World Identity Defragments Disparate Identity Industry Landscape

The Identity Industry Landscape

OWI’s Landscape identifies 225+ companies representing 13 segments of the Identity Industry

SAN FRANCISCO — Jan. 31, 2017 — One World Identity — the news, media, and events hub for every aspect of identity — has launched a campaign to map the identity industry landscape. Working with advisors, influencers, and leaders from across the globe, the initial draft of the landscape aims to promote conversation and collaboration outside of traditional industry verticals. As the Team discusses on this week’s State of Identity Podcast, identity is now considered a primary function that demands recognition its own right.

Continuing the conversation weekly, OWI is set to publish Identity Industry Insights – a deeper look into each segment’s exciting new startups, hot trends, and future predictions. Stay tuned to or follow @1worldidentity on Twitter.


About One World Identity:

One World Identity is a team of identity experts driven by a desire to create a neutral platform for leaders in the industry to collaborate, connect, and learn. Its debut event, the K(NO)W Identity Conference, will bring 150 speakers to Washington D.C. May 15-17, 2017.


One World Identity
Cameron D’Ambrosi
Director of News & Media


Travis is the Founder and CEO of One World Identity. Prior to OWI, he was the Global Head of Identity Verification at Google responsible for Google’s KYC and IDV strategy and operations. Travis also spent time at Deloitte Consulting, Citibank, and a few startups he founded in his early 20s.

Travis earned a bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics from the University of South Florida.

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