The Legal Identity Void

The Legal Identity Void - State of Identity

ID.Me CEO Blake Hall and Experian Fraud and Identity Solutions Senior Business Consultant Keir Breitenfeld discuss: social media-based identity verification (2:24), developing world identity differences (4:21), hurdles to increased adoption of digital identity (5:58), proliferation of identity verification methods (8:40), the legal identity void on the internet (10:59), the importance of standards (14:11), the ‘goldilocks’ segment (18:47), generational challenges (20:00), the moment of greatest risk for newly verified users (21:00), and the importance of customer experience (22:55).

Cameron D’Ambrosi @dambrosi

Blake Hall – CEO, ID.Me @blake_hall
Keir Breitenfeld – Senior Business Consultant, Experian Fraud & Identity Solutions

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Cameron D’Ambrosi is One World Identity’s Director of News and Media, and host of the State of Identity podcast. Previously a Manager with Deloitte, Cameron has over 9 years of combined regulatory, consulting, and AML experience. An avid technologist and gourmand, Cameron lives in New York City with his girlfriend Lizzy.
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