Challenges in a fragmented Identity Space

Challenges in a fragmented Identity Space - State of Identity

Au10Tix Managing Director Ron Atzmon and OWI Business Development Manager Peter Joukov discuss the role of government in establishing identity (2:45), U.S. state identity regulations (3:30), global ID standards for air travel (4:26), UK vs. German identity regulations (6:10), baldness and the challenges of anti-impersonation checks (9:40), David Cameron’s FinTech revolution (10:10), Israeli biometric ID controversies (14:25), alternatives to fingerprint biometrics (17:05), the privacy vs. security debate (18:45) and the evolution of identity on the web (19:15).

Cameron D’ambrosi @dambrosi

Ron Atzmon – Managing Director, Au10Tix @RonAtzmon
Peter Joukov – Business Development Manager, One World Identity



Cameron D’Ambrosi is One World Identity’s Director of News and Media, and host of the State of Identity podcast. Previously a Manager with Deloitte, Cameron has over 9 years of combined regulatory, consulting, and AML experience. An avid technologist and gourmand, Cameron lives in New York City with his girlfriend Lizzy.
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